We Bought a House!!

We have big news, and I went ahead and gave it away in the title…
Last Thursday we closed on a house. We had been looking for several months, and saw some we were interested in, but time after time things just weren’t working out. Then we heard about this house at 40th and Guilford. It wasn’t on the market, but we heard that it was recently purchased as a foreclosure by an investor and he was willing to sell it before making any changes to it. So we bought it, with intentions to remodel parts of it.



Tony has been feeling remarkable good on his new therapy, Xalkori, and so he’s taken on the role of general contractor with his friend (and skilled carpenter), Jeremy.

We have plans in the works to give this 1904 house a facelift, including all new electric, plumbing, kitchen and bathrooms, among other things.

Tony was eager to get started, so demolition started last Friday. The walls are all plaster & lath, so Caroline & I stay away for the most part. However, I do stop by after the dust has settled to document the progress.


Kitchen on Friday




Kitchen on Saturday



Kitchen & Dining Room on Monday

Stay tuned for more!!



Caroline Grace

Just two weeks ago our lives changed.

It’s one of those moments that you prepare for. In our circumstance, we’ve been preparing for it for quite a while, knowing that it could come at any time. We became parents.

With Tony’s chemo treatments underway, we knew that the timing would likely be difficult regardless of when our baby came. And so it was on Thursday, July 10– after Tony received chemo that morning and I went in for an OB appointment that afternoon– that I started having contractions.


“We’re getting admitted!!” selfie.

The contractions started at 10 o’clock that night. At this point we had to make a decision: go to sleep, or go to the hospital? Tony was so tired from the chemo that I told him to go to sleep and I’d wake him if we needed to go to the hospital. The contractions continued, so we left and made it to the hospital at 12:30. In triage, I was so nervous I’d be told that this was false labor, and I dragged my husband out of bed for no reason.  Instead, I was told that I was 5 – 6 cm dilated and we were about to have a baby!

I continued to labor, while Tony tried to get some sleep. Around 2am I felt some nausea coming on, so I got some Zofran and a bedpan. Tony found himself in a similar state as his chemo was kicking in, so he took a dose of Compazine and the other bedpan.

At 3am, the doctor came in to break my water and told me that I was 10 cm and it was time to start pushing. Up until this point, things hadn’t been so bad. I didn’t have an epidural, just a little Nubain for pain, and was able to breathe through the contractions. The pushing, however, was a different story.

I pushed for an hour with very little result. The OB thought maybe the baby’s head was stuck behind my pelvic bone. I had a friend since offer that maybe this lodgement is what kept the baby inside for so long while I was on bed rest. I like to believe that this is true, because pushing for over an hour with no epidural is very strenuous, and not something I prepared for. Fortunately it just took another half hour of pushing, and then suddenly she was here. IMG_0750

Caroline Grace – 7lb 9oz – born at 5:07am on July 11, 2014.
The weeks since then have been pretty typical for parents of a newborn. Sleepless nights, feeding around-the-clock, and bouts of unexplained screaming (and let’s not forget, this girl got four doses of steroids to help her lung function when they thought she would be premature- she has strong lungs!). However she’s also a good sleeper, a good eater, and all-around pretty great. I know at this point you really just want to see pictures, so here you go:

On her birthday: 7-11-14.



On her way to her first appointment with the pediatrician.


Swaddled for what *should* be a good night’s sleep.


One of our favorite faces of hers.

One of our favorite faces of hers, I just had to include it.


We Moved!

This past week was a bit of a whirlwind. Last Monday, we said farewell to our friends Steve & Bridget Hurry. They have left to spend 5 weeks in Colorado to prepare to move to Uganda later this year. We were sad to see them go, and we’ll surly miss them, but we are so excited for them to be closer to their Ugandan destination! 


Their departure also meant that their rental house was now open and ready for us to move in. Back in June when Tony & I decided to enter the Training School, we also started talking about moving to a new house to reduce our rent. Our friend, Brad, owns the duplex that Steve & Bridget have been living in for the past year, and it worked out well that we could move in after the Hurrys moved out.

Brad rents the other half of our duplex and both sides of the duplex next to ours to international students. Most of the students are from the Middle East, and so they are both curious about American culture and accustomed to being in community. This means that we have very friendly neighbors! Even on our first day with the keys, some of the guys next door helped Tony take a truckload of things to Goodwill (though I think for this picture, they picked up blocks of wood to look more manly).

It’s been just one week, but we’re already loving our new location. Where’s that location, you might ask!?  We’re now at: 4174 Ruckle St. Indianapolis, 46205.


Weekend in Vermont

It’s been unseasonably warm here in Indiana this winter. Many people are loving the warmer weather, but Tony & I rather enjoy a bit of snow. So when we were throwing around ideas of when to visit our friends, Gabe & Amanda, for a long weekend in Vermont, February seemed like a great idea! Unfortunately, we learned right before we left that Vermont hadn’t gotten much snow this year, and what they had melted a week before our visit…..ah well, it’s probably all for the best. See, Gabe & Amanda live in Burlington, VT where they work with Lifelines ministry at UVM, taking students on small trips that include hiking, rafting, rock climbing, etc…

While this sounds so fun and adventurous, Tony & I are not accustomed to spend an afternoon cross-country skiing. I think our bodies wouldn’t move for the next 4 days. So, what did we find to do instead?

1. Bake bread.

Turns out it was so easy!

2. Make Cheddar Cheese!

Gabe has been learning how to make all sorts of foods, and recently moved on from bread making to cheese making, so one night, he showed us how to make a Vermont cheddar.

I had never made cheese before, and it was fascinating to watch Gabe start with raw milk, make cheese curds, build a cheese press, and end up with a solid block of cheese! (it’s currently in wax and will be finished aging around Christmas time…)

3. See Ice Skating Boats!

On Sunday, we found a part of Lake Champlain that was still frozen over. That day there were some sailboats that were out, sailing around on blades. 4. Play on a Frozen Lake!  

I had never been on a frozen lake, and it was fun to be on a big sheet of ice. Simply walking is hard enough, but soon the fun really began: throwing a frisbee, running and sliding around, and even a head stand competition.

Who thinks to do head stands on solid ice? These guys…

 The McGanns showed off by having great form.

So we felt that the Haydens should keep up….which is problematic, because I can’t remember the last time I did a head stand. Let alone on ice.

Team Hayden is still a work in process (we’ve only been married for 3 months, people!). Tony held his head stand so well while I needed some help getting my form….and just when I got it, he was a bit tired… but there’s grace since we’re on ice, right?