Christmas is for this

This Christmas was looking to be one we would not soon forget. This is the first year Caroline can really start to grasp what Christmas is about. Add in two new babies and two weary parents and we were certain there would be memories. 

Emily, Caroline & Audrey in winter jammies

Getting the news of new cancer growth hit us hard. It is so difficult to be grieving, struggling, really anything but jolly at Christmas. Our news came 17 days before Christmas, yet we were determined it would not derail our desire to enjoy some of the simple things in life. We went and saw lights with Caroline, made cookies, and played in the snow. 

Caroline’s first snowman

Still, we have cried our way through this advent season. I hate that my heart is so heavy while it seems the rest of the world is calm & bright, holly & jolly, etc…

And then I realized, it is for this that Christ came into this world. He brings the hope I long for. A friend sent me these words from Max Lucado, and I think they speak so perfectly to the place where we find ourselves: 

Max Lucado- Because of Bethlehem

“The manger dares us to believe the best is yet to be. And it could all begin today.”

Merry Christmas.


One thought on “Christmas is for this

  1. Tony and Mere, your faith is so inspiring! Wonderful words to try and live by. You are in our constant prayers! Love, Jill

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