To Motherhood

I feel that Mother’s Day is an appropriate day to post about how we are expecting the Hayden family to grow this Fall! It’s been a bit of a wild ride already, but at this point, I’d expect nothing less.

Over the course of the last 2 years, Tony has been on a total of 5 chemotherapy agents that each can take their toll on our ability to have children. So, this time around we had to use non-conventional methods to get pregnant. It is not at all glamorous, and I now have so much more compassion for couples who must use doctors for something that the rest of the population does so naturally. Since I haven’t had issues getting pregnant in the past, and am not a good candidate for carrying multiples given my history, we decided to do inseminations. Less intervention and lower risk.

We were elated when we learned, in February, that we were pregnant. Then our emotions flipped in March when our 8 week ultrasound showed that I am carrying twins. Never in my mind was I prepared for this. We had specific conversations with the doctor about how I am terrified by the idea of carrying multiples, and made sure not to do anything that could increase our risk. But here we are, expecting two more additions to our family.

After getting through the initial shock and denial, we’ve come to accept the fact that we’re having twins. The Lord has seen us through so much, and if this is something He is blessing us with, then we need to trust He will see us through again. In addition, we’ve taken some practical steps to lessen my chances of preterm labor, as much as is in our power at least. At work, I’m only working in areas of the pharmacy where I generally sit at a desk all day. At home, we’ve tried to stick to a 10lb lifting restriction. This means Caroline has had to grow up fast, and now gets in and out of her car seat on her own, eats at her own table & chairs, and has moved into a big girl bed. 

I also had a preventative cerclage done in April (if you don’t know what this is, check Wikipedia, but please stay away from YouTube). I’ll also start weekly injectable progesterone this week.

We’re about 17 weeks into this pregnancy and taking it one day at a time. One doctor’s appointment at a time. We’re praying each day for the Lord to sustain us. It seems as though we have a loooong way to go– I’m praying for another 20 weeks! Let’s pray we make it.


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