A Second Opinion

It’s been 8 months since Tony started the chemo medication, Xalkori. Overall, it is mild compared to traditional chemo. At times, it’s easy to forget that he’s on a treatment. But lately, Tony’s battled with increased fatigue, and continues to have bouts of nausea. And though the medication has kept the tumor from growing, it hasn’t shrunken either. So we’re in a stalemate. Do we stay on this medication that makes Tony feel not quite himself? Are there other options?

3 weeks ago, Tony felt that he wanted to get a second opinion. It’s something we hear about, and a great idea, but how do you actually go about getting a second opinion? We felt like we were venturing into unknown territory, so we did what only made sense in the moment–we turned to Google and prayer. After an afternoon on the internet, Tony felt he wanted to go to the Mayo Clinic.

We thought of all of the steps required to get us to the Mayo Clinic. Talk to our oncologist. Find a doctor. Talk to insurance and see if this will be covered. Make an appointment. Then we thought of what seemed like endless questions. Do we both go up there? What do we do with Caroline? How are we going to afford this? Are they really going to be able to do anything for us that hasn’t already been done?

This whole process was so overwhelming at times, that we just started praying, asking the Lord to help us work out these details. I don’t want to over simplify this, but then things just fell into place. What are these things? Let me list them out for you:

*Tony called his oncologist and he gave us a referral to a colleague up at the Mayo Clinic. Again, from Google, we can see this doctor has done a lot of work with soft tissue sarcomas, which is really encouraging.

*We called our insurance company, and in 10 minutes learned that everything would be completely covered.

*We called the new oncology office, and asked for an appointment. They replied with, “How about next Thursday?”

* I just happen to have that Thursday off of work, so I asked my boss for Wednesday off too, so we could travel, and he said, “Sure”.

*Tony’s parents are ready and willing to come to Indy to watch Caroline.

*The oncologist at Mayo wants an MRI. They were able to schedule it for Wednesday afternoon, which means we can still just leave Wednesday morning to get there in time.

*They also referred us to a urologist at Mayo, and were able to get an initial appointment  with that physician on Thursday before we leave to come home.

All of these things came together in less than a week! It was truly amazing, and gives me great hope to what the Lord may have in store for us at Mayo. We’ll see. We’re headed there tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “A Second Opinion

  1. It’s amazing how God puts plans together for us. Please know we will help in any way. Caroline is welcome to stay with us as well. Take care!
    Praying for continued peace and prayers to be answered.
    😄 love, Rick, Deb, Hayden and Morgan

    Thank you,
    Debbie Matthys
    School City ofHobart

  2. Wow! This is great news! I know how overwhelming it all seemed just a few weeks ago! I can’t believe it all fell into place so quickly!!!! A mighty God we Serve!

    Will be praying tomorrow!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Continued prayers for you Tony! May God lay his hand on you, your family and medical staff to help guide you through this tough journey. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers, espcially the next several days.

  4. We pray for safe travel and amazing appointments that can lead to healing and cure. We ask for the Lord’s continued blessing in this situation. Love, Dad Frey

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