Hayden Home – The Throne Room

Even though we haven’t been writing updates about it, we have been doing major work on our house, and moved in at the end of July! We still have some final finishing work to do- trim to paint, holes in drywall to fill, hardware to install, etc… Since it’s not fully complete, I can’t post a big reveal. Instead, I’ll highlight rooms as they finish. That can be fun, too, right?! Thank you for your patience.

So far we have one room mostly finished: the upstairs bathroom.

When we bought the house, the listing had the house marked as a three bathroom. This was a *bit* of a stretch, and in reality, it was three half-bathrooms. That’s right. There was a half bath downstairs. Then, upstairs there was one room with a sink and a toilet and one next to it with a sink and a tub.

Since we were planning on doing major renovations on the house, we decided to take down the wall to make one full bath. Call us traditional. It just makes sense.

There aren’t any good “before” pics of the 2 half baths, probably because they were so small. We do have a shot of the space after we took it down to the studs. When we opened it up, we realized we had to take the floor out completely, because a previous remodel was done….lets just say…incorrectly. So yes, what you are seeing is a giant hole from our kitchen up to our second floor bathroom.

After seeing what we took it down to, the “after” picture looks stunning, right?! We think so.  And by the way, not only does this bathroom have a well-supported floor, it’s a heated floor!  I’m pretty excited for winter, so we can try it out.

Paint color: SW Samovar Silver


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