Caroline’s Rough Week


This has been a rough week at the Hayden home. It started out well, with a trip to the Indiana State Fair. Our new house is 2 blocks from the Fair grounds (we go to bed each night hearing screams from the rides). Caroline had just gotten over an ear infection, so we saw an opportunity to stroll over Tuesday afternoon with a friend. We saw the “World’s Largest Boar”, ate ribbon fries, and were amazed by the display of tractors and other toys.

As soon as we got home, it all went downhill. Caroline threw up on Tony in the backyard, and then again that night, and again the next morning. We called the pediatrician, and learned the procedure for gentle rehydration with Pedialyte.  However, every time we’d get a couple of hours into it, she’d throw up again, and we’d start all over. It was maddening. She didn’t feel good, and we were frustrated and continuously doing laundry.

photo 2By Thursday evening, we decided it had gone on too long, and we went to the ER at Riley Children’s Hospital. It took 4 attempts to place an IV, but then Caroline got the fluids she needed, some Zofran for nausea, and was really acting better, talking more and sitting up on her own. We went home that night.

photo 1Then again on Friday it all started again. We gave her some Zofran, and it helped a little bit, but she was still only drinking Pedialyte and still throwing up. So in the wee hours of Saturday morning, 80 hours into this stomach bug, we went back to Riley. They admitted her this time, committing to keeping her until she could keep Pedialyte and soft foods down.

We are all exhausted. Caroline has been so lethargic these past few days, completely expressionless and limp. It’s so different from what we’ve been used to with her, and makes us realize how much she’s grown this past year. She is a champion at peek-a-boo, and flips the pages of a  book as fast as she can while you read it to her. If you scrunch your nose at her, she does it back to you. She loves brushing her teeth, and smacks her lips when she’s finished. She shovels watermelon and blueberries in her mouth (if you let her).

IMG_1363Being at Riley has really reminded me of how blessed we are with her. We had to give her medical history several times, and I was so thankful to be able to say that she was born full term, has no medical issues, and is otherwise completely healthy. I am truly thankful for her every day, but being a year removed from her birth, I think I have lost some of the awe in the miracle that she is. When we celebrated Caroline’s first birthday in July, Tony & I spent time remembering the months on bedrest, delivery, and those first few weeks as parents. However, this past week has been a much more powerful reminder of what a good creator God is, and how much He has blessed us.

It’s now Sunday evening, and we’re still at Riley. We’re not out of the woods yet, but as Caroline is slowly rehydrating, our little girl is coming back to life. It is amazing.

She finally feels like sitting up and playing. (Her lips are purple from all the popsicles.)

She finally feels like sitting up and playing. (Her lips are purple from all the popsicles.)


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