Sarcoma update

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted any updates on Tony’s health. The truth is, that he’s felt relatively good on the Xalkori. He hasn’t had any pain, has felt strong, and has kept his hair (though it hasn’t grown back in the same as it was before he started chemo).


He recently had an MRI, and the tumor hasn’t changed in size, which unfortunately is not uncommon with sarcomas. He had a PET scan last week to see if  the activity had decreased, and it has! His current SUV rating (think uptake/activity of the tumor) is 5.2, which is a 50% decrease from his last PET scan.  Also, they found that there weren’t any new lesions in the rest of his body.

Though we’re not out of the woods, this is good news –and I celebrate any and all good news we get ;).  From here Tony is to continue taking the Xalkori indefinitely, with appointments every 3 months. We still are praying that over time The Lord would shrink this tumor and have it pull away from the surrounding arteries and tissues, making surgery a more attractive option.



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