The Sun Will Shine Again

One of my favorite features of our house is the sunroom on the front. It’s a beautifully large room off of our living room, with windows on three sides.

photo 1(1)

However, as we were ripping off stucco, we found that the structure wasn’t sound. There had previously been a gutter and roof, that was simply covered with another gutter and roof on top. You can see that, plus lots of water damage in the picture below.

IMG_0035_2When we ripped up the roof, we just kept finding more. It took 4 guys several hours, and in the end, we took off between 12-13 layers of roofing!

photo 2(2)Since this was such a mess, we decided it made more sense to rip the whole sunroom down and rebuild it. Again, we were taking on a project that required a lot of demolition, so we were thankful for all those who helped!

The windows are in decent condition, so we were able to take them out and reuse them.

photo 3(1)We took everything down, and were able to save the 4(1)

photo 1(2)The sunroom has now been rebuilt and the original windows put back in place. This was again, an unfortunate extra project we took on, but it will be much nicer (and last longer) now that it’s done correctly!




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