Uh-oh Stucco

When we bought our house, we hoped that our remodel would take about 3 months. Well, today is the 3 month mark, and we’re not quite ready to move in. We had a bit of an unexpected twist in March, when we realized the stucco would need to come down completely, and be replaced with siding. Yes, you heard that right. We have 3,000 sq. ft of exterior walls, and we decided that the stucco (essentially 1″ thick concrete) was in bad enough condition that we should go ahead and take it all down. So, we’ve spent the past 5 weeks ripping off stucco, repairing & replacing any damage in the walls, insulating, putting up plywood, replacing some windows and wrapping the house to get it ready for siding.

IMG_0005_2Things got real interesting when we took the stucco off the back of the house. Since we had torn the plaster off the inside of the walls, it was literally nothing but studs and fair bit of rotten wood that had to be taken care of. *Insert nervous laughter here* This open-air concept lasted just a day before it was closed back up.

IMG_0012_2Fortunately, we’ve had some friends come over and help us out. Because, when it comes to big projects like this, many hands make light work.

IMG_0050_2The finished result is looking great! It’s a whole lot more work, and added a month to our timeline, but as it is with every good fixer-upper story, it will be better in the end.

IMG_0063_2Now, we’re done with the bottom two floors, and are ready to have guys come in and rip off the third-story stucco and install the Hardie Board siding. Hopefully we’ll have some great updates on that soon!





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