Home Remodel – 6 week update

The first 6 weeks of home-ownership have been quite the experience! The first week was devoted to demolition. This was focused primarily in the back of the house, where we gutted the kitchen, bathrooms (on first and second floor), butler’s pantry and mud room area. I know what you really want is pictures. We’ll start with some pictures of the progression of the kitchen demolition.


The cabinets came off and went up in the garage.  There was a half-bathroom behind that wall. It has since been moved.


The house was built in 1904, so every wall & ceiling was plaster & lath. IMG_0123_2 Everything is opened up, structurally sound, and waiting for new windows.

IMG_0109_2We also took out the wall between the dining room and kitchen.


This was a bit of fun.

The wall is out, and things are opening up!IMG_0097_2

Since pretty much everything on the back of the house was gutted, we had the freedom to think through some of the items on our wish list. One item was to get rid of both of the side doors, and put in one back door. IMG_3329_2

So we cut a hole in the back wall and put in a set of french doors. Easy enough, right?! This new back door sits in a mud room where the old butler’s pantry used to be.IMG_0111_2

Tony has also had the pleasure of spending lots of quality time in the Bobcat. Here he is burying our electrical lines.IMG_0089_2

Tony and our friend, Jeremy, have been doing most of the work on the house. (I must say, I am amazed at what a great job they are doing!) However, there are several things that we have hired out, like all the electrical work, most of the plumbing, HVAC, and tuck-pointing the chimney.IMG_0108_2 There are moments when this little project is overwhelming. There have been some surprises along the way, but so far we’ve taken them in stride. Our hope is to tackle windows, drywall, tile, and likely the exterior of the house (one of those *little* surprises) in the next month.

Target move-in date: May.


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