We Bought a House!!

We have big news, and I went ahead and gave it away in the title…
Last Thursday we closed on a house. We had been looking for several months, and saw some we were interested in, but time after time things just weren’t working out. Then we heard about this house at 40th and Guilford. It wasn’t on the market, but we heard that it was recently purchased as a foreclosure by an investor and he was willing to sell it before making any changes to it. So we bought it, with intentions to remodel parts of it.



Tony has been feeling remarkable good on his new therapy, Xalkori, and so he’s taken on the role of general contractor with his friend (and skilled carpenter), Jeremy.

We have plans in the works to give this 1904 house a facelift, including all new electric, plumbing, kitchen and bathrooms, among other things.

Tony was eager to get started, so demolition started last Friday. The walls are all plaster & lath, so Caroline & I stay away for the most part. However, I do stop by after the dust has settled to document the progress.


Kitchen on Friday




Kitchen on Saturday



Kitchen & Dining Room on Monday

Stay tuned for more!!



2 thoughts on “We Bought a House!!

  1. Congratulations, I can’t wait to see the final outcome. If I know Tony, this will be one amazing home. Enjoy the process!

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