I’m writing this post as we drive home from Chicago. We have spent the day there, but not to see Navy Pier or the Bean. We went to the University of Chicago Hospital to see about getting in a clinical trial.

photo (2)

Tony previously had some genomic testing done last Fall that showed he has a MET receptor on his tumor. There aren’t currently any FDA approved agents to target MET, however we’ve heard there are some in trials.


Tony’s parents came for support and babysitting duty. Caroline was a terrific traveler!

So today was the day. This was the day we were to learn about this clinical trial, and if Tony is a candidate. We had an appointment with a couple doctors, only to find that the MET trial is currently on hold. We learned that this hospital only does Phase 1 trials, meaning they are working to prove safety and aren’t giving any hope that the agent being studied will even work.

This isn’t what we hoped for. From what we learned today, we don’t think we will go forward with any of the trials. So the next step is probably to go back to Dr. Rushing and start chemo again.

Argh. Chemo. Really, again?!? Just the thought of it is exhausting. And yet, there’s a part of it that is reassuring. Having a cancerous tumor and not being on any treatment for it is also a scary place to be. It’s been long enough. We’re ready to start attacking this tumor again.

With the start of the New Year, we’ve committed to attacking cancer with prayer. After our year-end exercise, we saw that The Lord is faithful, and hears our prayers. We’re praying every day that The Lord would shrink and remove this tumor and that surgery would never be needed. A friend of ours once said, “I’d be a fool to ask God for anything less than a miracle”. We agree. We know so many of you are praying with us. Thank you. Please keep those prayers coming!



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