A Year In Review

2014 was a difficult year for us. There were many trials and times when we weren’t sure how things would play out. Often, we found ourselves saying with hope that one day when this is all over, we’d look back and understand how it all fit together. We haven’t yet been able to have our reflection of grandeur. However, we decided that in the meantime, the turn of the year provides a great moment to pause and reflect.

We made a list of all the ways the Lord has blessed us this past year. The more we got into it, the more we realized how the Lord has worked things out and provided for us in many ways. And the list grew longer and longer.photo 2 (2)

This was the year where both Tony and I found ourselves at home, keeping each other company and taking care of one other. There was the temptation to be anxious over our mounting medical bills and loss in wages. However this was met with gifts from family and friends, fundraisers and donated PTO. When we have been able to work, we’ve been thankful for good jobs and understanding coworkers.

 photo 1 (2)

This year brought about the first time we clearly experienced a miracle. Surprisingly, though this miracle didn’t happen in an instant. Instead, it took a journey through many, many days. Once I was put on bed rest, I actually started counting the days until full term, and found myself waking each morning, amazed and grateful for the start of another day. Caroline was born after 114 of these mornings– at 39 weeks!


Paper chain countdown – 40 days to go!

As we close out the year, Tony’s health is still yet to be determined. He’s been off treatment since September, which has allowed him strength to enjoy being a new dad. However, the tumor remains. Later this month we have a few doctors appointments where we will hear about starting back up on chemotherapy, or possibly a clinical trial.


Trip to St. Louis – September 2014

Caroline has continued to be an absolute joy in our lives. She is an ever present reminder of the Lord’s goodness and provision. She reminds us that we can’t see the future.  We often don’t know how things will turn out. We can only be thankful for where we are today, and hopeful for tomorrow.

photo (1)

Caroline – 4 months old

As we look forward to 2015, we’d sure like to know how things turn out with Tony’s health. However, we simply take one step at a time, pray for healing, and have faith that the Lord will continue to provide.


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