A Time to Rest

Right as we were trying to get pregnant last Fall, Tony was diagnosed with cancer. Miraculously we found ourselves pregnant right before Tony started chemotherapy. We felt hugely blessed, and excited, but also knew it was a long road- especially when Tony would be going through chemo treatments during most or all of it.

Since my OB was unable to find a reason for our sudden loss of Elizabeth last summer, she told me to proceed with this pregnancy as usual. She scheduled a few extra ultrasounds for me, just to check me and the baby and make sure everything was still on track and looking good. I didn’t mind. The extra views of the baby were nice, and it was a good reassurance that all was going well.


A great picture at 17 weeks.

The ultrasounds at 17 and 20 weeks went well. We got great reports (and no, we don’t know gender). Then I went in for an ultrasound last week, and they found something. I have cervical insufficiency, which increases the risk of preterm labor. Suddenly we found ourselves being admitted to the labor & delivery floor at the hospital again, this time in the room right next door to where we had delivered Elizabeth just 9 months before. My OB monitored me for a few days in the hospital, doing a repeat ultrasound and consulting with several maternal-fetal medicine physicians.

Those days in the hospital were terrifying. I had felt normal going in for my ultrasound and was rudely awakened to the idea that something is terribly wrong. Not only was it taking us back to our experience with Elizabeth, but it was also reminiscent of Tony’s cancer diagnosis- where you go in for a scan and are told that suddenly everything is not as you thought it would be. Your world stops.

Praise the Lord, He got us through those days in the hospital. I had some long conversations with several physicians, and have been sent home to “take it easy” with bed rest and a prescription for a medication that should help delay the onset of labor.

I’m at 24 weeks, which is right around the starting point for the earliest viability. I have heard reports of women remaining on bed rest to full term, and am praying that I will be a part of that group. Regardless, the next few months will be long, and ones where we are praying to get through each day, and celebrating each new day as it comes.

Thankfully, we have gotten nothing but great reports about the baby’s health. At our 20 week ultrasound the baby was even measuring a bit big. We are praying that this child continues to develop well and put on weight (who doesn’t love a fat baby!?). Also, this baby seems to be quite active -squirming and kicking me regularly, which are good reminders of the miracle in our midst.


2 thoughts on “A Time to Rest

  1. Contractualtions Hayden Family. What a rough road you all have been thru but your faith is strong and to be admired. I will continue to pray for you all and for those surrounding your.

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