The strengTH it takes

As Tony & I have been busy tending to his medical needs, we have been blessed by friends and family who have anticipated many of the other aspects of our lives. Friends have regularly brought us meals. Our house has been cleaned and ready for us each time we’ve returned from the hospital. Maybe most importantly, we’ve had Skype dates and pop-ins from visitors to continually encourage us.

At times, we still get the question, “What can I do? What do you need?”. We honestly struggle to come up with an answer. We’ve already felt so blessed by so many of the things you’ve already done. And yet, here you go again, surprising us with another great blessing…

photo (10)

We took this photo right after Tony finished his chemo today. His eyes seem closed, but really they’re just a little puffy…

 In order to tangibly show their support, Tony’s sisters have designed beanie sock hats. The word “strengTH” is to remind us that it is by God’s strength that we will get through this trial. Why is the “TH” capitalized? They’re Tony’s initials 🙂 The verse at the bottom is Ephesians 6:10, which reads, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.”   Note: the hats were made in Purdue colors. I hope that doesn’t deter any of you Hoosiers.

photo (9)

Tony wanted to make sure his eyes were open for this one…

His sister’s, Nicky, Michele & Suzie have made extra hats to sell. They’re going for $15 each. Any extra funds they raise will help cover our medical expenses.  If you are interested in purchasing a hat, please contact:

Michele Vince (in Fort Wayne) at:

Nicky Hefton (in Indianapolis) at:

Or, if you happen to see either Tony or me, feel free to ask us and we’ll get you a hat.


3 thoughts on “The strengTH it takes

  1. My son, Rob, at Brickman, just made me aware of your blog and all you have been going through. At his request, I have shared your story with a bunch of lady prayer warriors that I host on Thursday mornings for Bible Study — several of us are cancer survivors, as am I (15 years since my diagnosis of stage 3 ovarian and I’m still here — by the Grace of God!!!). Please know that we will be praying for your speedy recovery and for that “peace that surpasses all understanding” promised in Phil 4: 6-7 concerning this battle and your precious daughter.
    We call what we do P>U>S>H (Pray Until Something Happens) and we have witnessed Our Great Physician at work time after time!!!!
    Your Sister in Christ,

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