The Routine.

We’ve learned a routine. 5 days of treatments. 2 appointments for shots or blood draws, then another one to get the green light to start the cycle over again. Dressing changes twice a week. In addition, Tony’s learned what days he’ll be the most tired, when he’ll be nauseated, when he’ll feel like eating (and tasting his food), and when he just needs to rest.

Understanding the routine of the cycle has allowed us some freedom, because we know what boundaries we have.

Tony’s birthday was on Super Bowl Sunday. This would normally be a great day to celebrate, however since he had just finished his week of chemo, we knew he’d need to stay home. So we instead invited a few, healthy friends to come over and watch the game. Josh and Kelley not only came to watch the game with us, they brought a birthday present that they knew Tony would just love…

Nerf dart guns. I think he likes them.

                      Nerf dart guns. I think he likes them.

Tony’s gotten in a good groove, and his body is handling the chemo well. It’s so easy to focus on tolerating the chemo that I forget at times that the goal is not to make it through each cycle. Ultimately the goal is to shrink the tumor. He’s started having scans to check the progression, and this past week had an MRI that revealed the tumor has shrunk from 8.1cm to 6.5cm long. The width and depth are about the same, but we are still happy with this news. Praise the Lord! The treatments are working!


One thought on “The Routine.

  1. Awesome news! Thanks for sharing ! Katie would love to come down with her Nerf guns and play with Tony.. Lol. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!!

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