New Year

As we entered into 2014, we didn’t make any resolutions for the New Year. It seemed a bit ridiculous, since our daily lives are currently dictated by what our bodies can handle. Ideas of losing weight & eating right are overtaken by hopes for a hearty appetite & energy to do daily activities.

Instead, we decided to pick a Psalm that would usher us into the New Year. We had heard about this from a couple that has done this for years–each year, picking a Psalm that reflected where they were and what they thought they would need for the year. They would memorize it so that they could return to it throughout the year.

Obviously we don’t know what this year will bring. The last 12 months have not gone as we had planned. Every time our plan doesn’t line up with God’s will, we’re tempted to believe things about God that aren’t true.  I’ve heard it said that fear is believing that God is not bigger than our present circumstances. The simplicity of that statement has been helpful as we find ourselves daily in a tension between moments of fear and seeing God’s faithfulness.


We chose Psalm 86 for this year. The first 12 verses especially, describe the tension between the needs of our present situation and the greatness & faithfulness of God.         It’s what we need as we enter this new year.


2 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Dearest Tony and Meredith,
    Please know that you two are in our daily prayers; also many of our family and friends have included you in their prayers also. Plus, my “Prayer Pillowcase Ministry” group of ladies from Church…are you able to take the pillowcase to the hospital with you?
    We are hoping you will be able to visit us here in Florida maybe next year, when you are well. Would you believe it has been getting down to 27 degrees at night? What is that about??? hmmmm We know it doesn’t compare to the Indiana weather lately, mercy me…please know we love and miss you.
    Love you, Uncle Bob and Aunt Sandy

  2. Tony & Meredith:
    Please know that all of us at Brickman (741) are keeping up on your posts. We are thinking of you both during this challenge. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers daily and hoping for God’s speed to recovery! Take Care! Love, Nici & Christa

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