Through the Storm

photo (4)

Tony finished another week of chemotherapy in the hospital. Fortunately, the only big difficulty we had was getting him to the hospital on Monday morning. Not only was Indy blanketed in a foot of snow, the temperature dropped to -10 F as Tony was trekking to the Simon Cancer Center. Once at the hospital, though, things settled down, and Tony was “snowed in” similarly to the rest of the city. Thankfully the roads became passable within a few days, and many friends came to visit. Visits from friends always make the days go faster.

The view from Tony's window

                             The view from Tony’s window

Now that Tony’s back home, he’s feeling fairly good, and continues to take it easy as these next few days are his low point for white blood cell count. He’s feeling some nausea, but mostly fatigue as his body is working to replenish his white blood cells.

The only real update we have this week is on Tony’s hair. It was slowly falling out, and not in the prettiest of patterns (some compared him to a Buddhist monk). Yesterday he took the plunge and shaved it all off. I think he’s able to pull this look off fairly well too.

photo (1)    photo 2


One thought on “Through the Storm

  1. I love it. I’m thinking of doing it myself. I think it looks better on you than it would me. Continuing to pray for you all daily. Love you guys.

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