Hair Stylin’ (by Mere)

Tony probably has another week until he loses his hair. In order to make the process a bit easier, he wanted to trim it down.

Of course, I took the opportunity to have a little fun…P1130296

Just a little off the sides.


The mohawk.


Long in the front, shaved all around. This is basically a bangs-only style, and didn’t last very long.

DSC_0010In the end, he buzzed it all down to a style that is classic “Tony”.


7 thoughts on “Hair Stylin’ (by Mere)

  1. Lookin good! Praying for you both! I can’t think of a stronger man that can handle such a challenge both physically and spiritually. Stay strong!!

  2. Tony, it’s been a while. I just recently heard about your news. The Lawrence family’s thoughts are with you. Stay strong and give it hell, my friend.


  3. Joe and I want you to know we’ll begin praying for you each night, as we just caught up on your story. From your posts, it sounds like you know Who is in control and we trust you are in the hands of the ultimate Healer.

  4. Hey Tony, I just got wind of your situation on Facebook and wanted to reach out to you. You and your family are certainly in my prayers for quick and full healing from the cancer. I have been through some of the same chemo you’re getting. I pray that you tolerate it well and that it is effective on those rogue cells in your body. I am also available if you want to blow off some steam with somebody who has shared some similar circumstances. I pray God’s protection for you and your family, also his healing hand on your body.

  5. Dear Meredith and Tony,
    windchills and cold…..more yuck! I hope the two of you are together, warm and hanging in there. Now, maybe not the time to be hairless!!! As If there is every a good time??? No doubt that Tony sports the look well though…….not everyone has a pretty shaped head! Just wanted you to know that friends back in Akron are thinking ’bout you and praying for your strength and recovery.
    sending a big e-hug,

    Meg Lamb

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