Back to Uganda

We just returned from a 10 day trip in Uganda. It was great to go back to Restoration Gateway (RG) and see all the great things that are going on. In many ways, this year was similar to last year. We lead a group of 12 people to Karuma, Uganda, where we had a schedule filled with a few projects around RG, played with the kids, and ran several medical clinics in some of the surrounding villages. This meant that I was able to practice “extreme pharmacy” working outside of huts and oftentimes, with farmyard animals (goats not pictured).


But rather than re-tell stories about medical clinics and RG projects from last year, we’ll focus on the highlights from this trip.


Our friends, Steve & Bridget, moved to RG in November with their 2 kids. We had a great time working alongside of them!


Steve & Bridget’s house is almost finished! We were able to walk through their new home, and were excited to see luxuries such as outlets in the walls, tile on the floors, a solar hot water heater, and enough land for a huge garden in back.


RG borders the Nile, and in the past, we’ve been able to see views of the river from RG, but this year we adventurously hiked down to the water.


Being this close not only gave us great views of the mighty Nile, but also allowed us to see Ugandan fishermen at work. I have a whole new appreciation for local fish now that I see the hard work it takes.


While at RG, we paired up and had lunch in some of the orphan homes. We all enjoyed getting to talk more with the house mamas as well as the kids. Our lunch times often started shelling G-nuts (peanuts) with some of the kids on the front porch.


RG dedicated their Dental Center on April 20th. We weren’t around for the dedication, but many of our RG days involved helping with finishing touches & painting. Since it was “all hands on deck” to finish the Dental Center, we were able to work alongside many of the workers at RG, and had a great time with them.

What are we doing in this picture?! We worked with Immanuel & Norbert (not pictured) to make stencils to paint a sign for the Dental Center. This turned out to be quite difficult.


We had an opportunity to go to dinner at the homes of one of the RG workers, Ronald. We traveled by boda (motorbike taxi) to his village. This is as much fun as it looks!


Many people in rural northern Uganda still live in traditional mud thatch huts and farm the areas around their homes. Ronald was a great host, and even took us all on a walk through his village before the sunset.


Bridget took us to the market in Karuma. I had been through Karuma before, but never knew this market even existed! This is where you can go to buy fabric, vegetables, fish, and deep-fried ants (Alex was brave enough to try a few of those!)

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Bridget took a group of us to go visit a local government hospital. On the way, our van broke down. We waited for Steve & Brian to come take a look at it. They diagnosed the problem: the drive shaft was sheared, preventing the van from move forward AT ALL. But it could reverse. So the amazing Steve Hurry, with the help of Brian as a front look out and myself as a back lookout reversed the van 4km back to Karuma (through 2 traffic stops). The rest of the group was able to go on to the hospital in a different vehicle.


As always, it was an adventurous trip!


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