Adventures in Babysitting

At the end of February, our friends Stacy & Alex went on a vacation to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Tony & I volunteered to watch their children for the week. Luke (7), Baylie (5) and Emerson (2) are great kids, and we know them well, so that made the prospect of becoming temporary parents easier. However, it was still quite an experience!


Our week started out with a “snow day” when an ice storm hit Indy. We were jumping in the deep end, and quickly had to learn how to keep everyone alive & happy. Here are some of the things we learned:

1. When stuck at home, build a fort. We let the kids keep it up for 5 days!

    P1110853    P1110867

2. Play games. Lots of games. Battles of Farkel, Jungle Speed, and Monopoly were regular parts of our week.  Even some of our other friends from training school came over for a game night!

    photo-12    photo-11

3. Get out and do something. Our excursions ranged from Lowes & the Library…


…to climbing to the top of the Monument downtown.
P1110846 P1110845

4. Sometimes nothing’s better than sitting down with a good book  (and what’s better than reading about “Insects in Action!” before going to bed!?)


5. Feed them whatever they want! It’s only a week, and that doesn’t give us too much time to buy their affection.

     image    photo-13

In the end, we made it through the week, and had a great time!


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