1st Anniversary

Tony & I have been married 1 year! Our first milestone. We decided to celebrate by getting away for a couple of days, so we drove to Cincinnati and promptly relaxed.         

For dinner, we crossed into Kentucky to go to Virgil’s Cafe. Tony learned that while we missed their “bacon happy hour”, he could order poutine for dinner. What is poutine, you ask? It’s a combination of fries, beef, and gravy. In my limited experience, it could either be an unimpressive fast food dish (as I had in Toronto), or it could be made with sirloin strips and caramelized onions, which Tony devoured.

The weekend was great, and Cincinnati allowed us to have a very loose itinerary. We went to see the movie Lincoln, ate at great restaurants, and watched boats along the riverfront. One thing we were sure of, is that no matter what we do, we really enjoy being together (which is kinda the point, right?). Anyway, bring on year 2!



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