How to Host a Clothing Swap

In all the different houses I’ve lived in around Broadripple, I’ve had small closets. Ones that require changing out the clothes with every season. I think it’s just something that comes with the territory.

Often when I’m pulling out my clothes for the next season, I feel a bit tired of my clothes. I don’t really need new clothes, I just need a change. So when I went to my first clothing swap at my friend, Jana’s house a few years ago, I realized it was just the thing I needed.

This time it was my turn to host, a task that seems daunting, but really is pretty easy…

Step 1. Have your friends clean out their closets, and bring their old clothes to your house. The more the merrier!

Step 2: Sorting clothes. I divvied up clothes so that one room contained pants & shorts, one had skirts & dresses, one had sweaters, etc…This is an organizer’s dream, so if this is overwhelming, find a “Type A” friend and let them help you. (They might take the extra step to set clothes out by size within the room, too!)

Step 3: Have your friends over! Since the clothes are throughout the house, people can break into groups and go into different rooms. Our rule was each person could take 1 item from each room until everyone has gone through, and then it’s a free for all.

Step 4: Encourage your friends to try on clothes. How else would you know that the little vest actually fits perfectly above your pregnancy bump?!?

Step 5: Take home your clothes! This is the exciting part, because now your closet is revitalized with a few new items. Of this outfit, the top, belt, jacket & shoes were items I found at the swap. Thank you, my friends!


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