Camping Season

Autumn in Indiana is beautiful. Last October, Tony & I were pretty busy with wedding details, so this year, we wanted to make sure we spent time enjoying the outdoors. For us, that means camping! We did get to go camping, however, we ended up going on separate trips on two different weekends. We both had a great time, but looking back, we laugh that we haven’t gone camping together this fall.

I went with a group of girlfriends to Red River Gorge in KY. This was my first time in the gorge, and it was as beautiful as I had always heard.But this trip had an element of challenge, in that for most of the women on the trip, this was their first time backpacking. So we started with a little trip, and just did the 8 mile Double Arch loop with one overnight.

It was a great trip! Beyond learning that we all really enjoy camping, one of our greatest discoveries was that Oreos make great smores… you should give it a try!


Tony’s trip was a bit more intense. Shocking, right?! He went on a 3 night trip to the Smokies with 12 other guys, including a first-time backpacker: our friend Welile from South Africa.

Thanks Josh Davis for this picture!

Sharing these experiences with first time campers has been quite fun. Tony enjoyed Welile’s excitement in even little things, as he would exclaim, “Tony, we’re sleeping under trees!!”

However, no story is better than one our Saudi neighbor told us about his experience camping in Brown county just a few weeks ago. He was telling us that he had a great time, but got in some trouble with the officials. Apparently he and his friends had purchased 2 goats at a farm on the way down to the park, and slaughtered them, not realizing that was frowned upon in state parks. They just couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy a meal over an open fire…


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