We Moved!

This past week was a bit of a whirlwind. Last Monday, we said farewell to our friends Steve & Bridget Hurry. They have left to spend 5 weeks in Colorado to prepare to move to Uganda later this year. We were sad to see them go, and we’ll surly miss them, but we are so excited for them to be closer to their Ugandan destination! 


Their departure also meant that their rental house was now open and ready for us to move in. Back in June when Tony & I decided to enter the Training School, we also started talking about moving to a new house to reduce our rent. Our friend, Brad, owns the duplex that Steve & Bridget have been living in for the past year, and it worked out well that we could move in after the Hurrys moved out.

Brad rents the other half of our duplex and both sides of the duplex next to ours to international students. Most of the students are from the Middle East, and so they are both curious about American culture and accustomed to being in community. This means that we have very friendly neighbors! Even on our first day with the keys, some of the guys next door helped Tony take a truckload of things to Goodwill (though I think for this picture, they picked up blocks of wood to look more manly).

It’s been just one week, but we’re already loving our new location. Where’s that location, you might ask!?  We’re now at: 4174 Ruckle St. Indianapolis, 46205.



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