Alaska Vacation Top 5 List

In my opinion, there are fewer things at the end of a vacation that are better than a good Top 5 List.

Other than our honeymoon, this was the first big vacation Tony & I have taken, which means over the past 10 days we have learned a lot about each other and who we’ve become as a married couple. This list is a reflection of some of these.

1. We enjoy a local experience. Not only did we eat here several times, we stayed in cabins right behind the Salmon Bake.


2.  I have an “athletic pose”. In this picture, I actually stopped paddling to pose and pretend that I was paddling. I have no idea why I do this.


3. Tony is not quite the dog whisperer he wishes he was. We went to visit the National Park huskies at Denali to learn that while friendly, the dogs are really only obedient to their trainers.


4. We are suckers for a tourist-trap photo-op. Take this one for example: we’re being pulled on a sled by huskies that are fast asleep, and have a random blonde child in the photo (we could not talk her into getting out of the picture).


5. We have become similar:



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