Seward — Out to Sea

 Seward is a fishing town. We were reminded of this every time we looked out our hotel room window and saw this view of the harbor.We really enjoyed being on the harbor. Our hotel was right next to the docks, so we would often watch the charter fishing boats come back each night and see who caught the biggest halibut (this big one was around 170 lbs!).   However, Tony & I aren’t the greatest fish eaters, and wouldn’t know what to do with a 100 lb fish, so rather than fishing, went on a kayaking trip. The went with a group and had a guide that took us through Resurrection Bay to Caines Head State Park.

Kayaking in a 2 seated sea kayak took some teamwork, but was a great way to see the Bay. We also saw sea otters and dall’s porpoises.

When we got to the park we went for a little hike up to the top of Caines Head, which provided beautiful views, and a bit of interesting military history (history geeks, read on). 

 Caines Head was home to a military fort to defend against the Japanese in WWII.           We toured 3 bunkers that are still standing today. You may be thinking: “What!? Alaska had an active fort during WWII?” We were shocked to learn of this too.                           There were 500 men stationed here, but no gun was ever fired. Maybe that’s why it didn’t make the history books…



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