Seward — Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords is a National Park in southern Alaska, right on the Gulf of Alaska. There are no roads to get into the park, so the best way to see the park it is by boat. For our last day in Seward, we decided to go on a 7 hour boat cruise, which took us into the park to see glaciers and wildlife.I know the idea of watching glaciers might not sound exciting– maybe on the same scale as watching ice melt– however, this is a pretty big block of ice, and watching it melt (a process called calving) is really amazing. Judge if you want, we spent a total of an hour watching and listening to the glaciers.

 In between glacier watching, we saw some great wildlife: sea otters, seals, sea lions, dall’s porpoises, and an array of birds from puffins to bald eagles (Dad, I spotted 2 eagles before the guide on the boat did– you’d be so proud!).

The real excitement of the day was  when we saw orcas! We actually followed alongside two different pods, and were able to watch them for quite a while.

 For some reason, seeing killer whales did not satisfy the “whale watching” desire for me. I had the idea of the classic humpback whale in mind, and was a bit disappointed when our boat started heading back toward Resurrection Bay at the end of our cruise…

Then we saw it: a lone humpback whale! He never fully breached, but put on quite a show for us with his tail. It was a great ending to the day.



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