Denali – Elusive Treasures

After learning how to ward off bears while hiking, Tony & I have been more comfortable going on small hikes throughout the park. We’ve been sticking mostly to the drivable section of road, which keeps us within the first 15 miles of the park, but we’ve still found great walks and wildlife.

In the park, we’ve seen moose & bears (fortunately both from a vehicle), and quite a few caribou like this one.

Surprisingly though, the wildlife is quite abundant at Denali, and most people who enter the park will see bears and moose. It’s the mountain herself, Denali (or Mt. McKinley), that is the most elusive. Being “The High One” she has a way of trapping clouds in around her– allowing only 20% of park visitors to see any portion of her. But just yesterday, the clouds parted and we saw her!!                                                     The park entrance doesn’t have the best view of her, as it’s about 75 miles from the mountain, but it was still absolutely beautiful. It’s the type of scene that’s hard to capture in a picture. (Denali is the snow-covered mountain in the middle of the picture, the mountains in the front are just foothills of the Alaska range).

As you might imagine, we were a bit excited about this find.


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