Seward — Harding Icefield

 The weather was beautiful on our first day in Seward, so we thought: “What would be better than to hike to an icefield today?!?”

The Harding Icefield trail is an 8.2 mile loop up to the base of the Icefield, and walks alongside the Exit Glacier.

 We were told it is strenuous, and it certainly is– gaining 1,000 feet in elevation with every mile to the top.

 Since the climb is literally up the side of a mountain, the scenery changes so quickly:   from woods to meadow to snow.

 Hiking in the snow was difficult, but allowed for a bit of fun…

…and made it easier to see bears from a distance (just the way I want to see them).


The view at the top was worth it all!

Now we just had to trek back down…


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