To the Last Frontier

Due to some storms we’ve been having in Indy, our flight to Chicago was cancelled. Our entire itinerary to Anchorage was rerouted and we arrived 5 hours later than planned. However, the sun was still pretty high in the sky at 7pm when we came into Alaska, and we were able to get some great shots from the plane.

After spending the night in Anchorage, we hit the road to Seward.

The trip is a straight 2 hour drive, but we added a few stops…

We also stopped to go on a hike in Girdwood. The entrance to the hike is right by the Alyeska Hotel, which was also busy with their annual blueberry festival.

The hike was beautiful. We had heard there was a hand tram you could take at one point to get over a “creek”. When we got there, we were amazed by their definition of a creek, and how high the tram was. It was very fun.

On our very first hike in Alaska, we saw a moose! He’s young, but we’re counting it.

It seems that every time I turn around I’m shocked by how beautiful Alaska is.

I think I will never get tired of these views.



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