Backyard Wildlife Preserve

We’ve had a summer marked with visits by different animals either in or around our house. First there were rabbits & rats, then ants, flies, and some locust, but none of those prepared us for our latest guests:  a cat and her 4 kittens!

We noticed the cats were living under a bush in our backyard only a few days ago. At first, I had moments where I was terrified by them, since they stay in a group like a pride of lions.  But since then, I’ve come to my senses and reminded myself that they’re only kittens.

And no one’s afraid of kittens, right?

Yesterday, we enjoyed watching them play on our back deck, and even brought out a ball of yarn to play with them. Aren’t they cute?!? If you want one, feel free to come over and catch one…otherwise we plan on calling the Humane Society by the end of the week.


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