Decisions, Decisions…

When Tony & I went to Uganda in May, one of the things we were really looking into was the possibility of us going back for a year or two. In the weeks since then, we’ve been praying and processing about whether or not the Lord is leading us there. The answer we got surprised us a bit… 

We kept asking about Uganda: How do we feel about the country? Do we love the people? Lord, are you calling us there? Are there roles for us at Restoration Gateway? Are we willing to sacrifice things in our life here to go and serve? How long would we go for?

We feel that we had some answers to these questions, but more than anything we heard an answer to a different question: Do we do our church’s training school? Let’s be honest, we were avoiding this one.  We knew that our church has a 9-month training class available each year, that and in order to go to Uganda and be sent by our church, we’d have to complete it. We just looked at it as something we’d do if we had to.  There are some big costs to it— the classes are held in the mornings, so I would change my work schedule and Tony would leave his job. That is a big change for us. Would we really enter into this if we didn’t know for certain that we were going to Uganda?

We were both shocked when we heard a “YES” and felt most certain that the training school is the next step for us….and most likely Uganda is the one after that. What!?!? This makes me laugh, because we feel so much that the Lord is leading Tony & I in our marriage just one step at a time (so much so we used it as the subtitle to this blog).

The journey ahead is not all that clear, and it may be bumpy at times, but we are really excited to see it unfold, and we hope you share in that with us!


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