Chuggin’ Along

This past weekend, Tony challenged me to a little game involving the car radio. The rules were simple: if I was able to sing the majority of the lyrics in the song playing, I gained control of the radio. If not, he had the chance to gain possession. Excuse me, does he know who he’s playing with? I was born to play this game….until one song came up, and I was finished. Tony knew every word, and proudly belted out “She thinks my tractor’s sexy, it really turns her on”. I couldn’t believe it, but really I could, because I had just witnessed how akin he was to the tractor at RG.

There is always a lot of work to do around RG– from tearing down sheds (and rebuilding them in another location) to digging holes. We as a team spent 2 days helping with some of these projects as well as seeing the kids at the orphan school, and meeting with some of the house moms.

However, there was a need for more specific mechanical help, and Tony & Chris were asked to stay and work at RG an extra day while the rest of us were at a medical clinic in Karuma. Chris is a trained mechanic and along with Tony they tackled some big repair jobs on a few of the trucks and farm equipment.

They had their share of challenges, most having to do with completing projects without the right tools. After working just that one day they had a pretty good understanding of how frustrating it is to be in a remote area like Uganda without a Lowes down the street. As Tony would say, there are some things that just cannot be ‘MacGyver-ed’.


One of the other challenges was the “we’re in Uganda” element. Try as you might, on a short trip like this, there are just so many unknowns. So when Tony got stung by a wasp, he didn’t know how bad it would be. He immediately took 50mg of Benadryl, but that didn’t stop his arm from swelling up to the point of looking like animation.

However, even after a few injuries and a dose of Benadryl, the lure of the tractor won out in the end and Tony out plowing a field that afternoon.



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