A World Away

Since we’ve been back, Tony & I have been getting quite a few questions about life in Uganda. One of the first impressions we had of Uganda was on our drive from the capital city of Kampala, up to the town of Karuma in the north.

We started our 5 hour drive north on a Monday morning, and saw the city streets of Kampala as they were starting to fill with boda-bodas (motorbike taxis) and the store fronts were opening.

As we headed out of the city, and into the Ugandan countryside, it became more and more apparent that life in Uganda is very different from anything we could imagine in the US. The country as a whole lacks the infrastructure we’re accustomed to, and as we got further away from the city, life became more and more simplistic.

People travel all along the roadside. A few of them ride bikes, but most simply walk.


The smaller towns along the road have market centers, however they are much smaller, usually just stalls or small buildings with shops that sell everything from charcoal (above) to cell phone minutes, and clinics & pharmacies.

The road leading to Restoration Gateway shows the beautiful simplicity of life here: people live with their whole family in a grouping of round huts. Because of their remote location, they grow their staple foods of maize, cassava & beans. Water is available usually at a centrally located well, but often requires a long walk down the road.

Even the first glimpse from the drive in allowed us to see that life in Uganda is quite different, and provides many more freedoms and frustrations than we’re used to in the United States.


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