Uganda: Restoration Gateway

Tony & I are getting geared up for our trip to Uganda!

We’ve had a couple of meetings with our team, and there are some things we’re getting especially excited about. What are these things, you ask?

1. “Just to be there”. This was a popular answer at a recent team meeting of ours. At the time, I thought it was a cop-out answer, but now I see the motivation to just be at Restoration Gateway (RG). The Lord is doing great work at RG, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

A few years ago, a group made a (7 minute) video of their short-term trip to RG. The beginning of the video gives a good view to RG and their mission:  click here for the youtube link.

2. Opportunity to use our skills. Our team seems to be made up of a lot of people who have either medical or mechanical skills. So, we’re planning on spending two days at RG and two days away from RG, doing medical clinics. When we’re at RG, we’ll fix tractors & machinery (well, some of us), help out in the orphan school, play soccer with the kids, and do just about anything else they ask of us! The two days we spend away from RG, we’ll be traveling to some of the surrounding villages to set up a clinic. This will give us great time to interact with more of the Acholi people, including possibly having dinner in some of their homes!

3. Praying about a next step. For about the past year, Tony & I have been praying about the possibility of moving to Uganda to spend a year or more at RG. We’re hoping that we’ll have good time while at RG to pray more about this and hear from the Lord regarding this big decision.

4. Layover in London (baby!). There is no easy way to get to northern Uganda. The flights usually include 2-3 layovers, and then a 4-6 hour bus ride to RG. The total travel time is about 40 hours. So when we found out that this voyage included a 10 hour layover in London, we accepted it as a wonderful bonus! We’re planning on spending most of Sunday the 20th in and around the city with our team. I think this will be fun, but also provide an interesting dichotomy to the rest of our trip 🙂


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