On Air

Dear Mom,

I was on the news today.

After having lunch with Rachel & Kelly, we were approached by a reporter and asked our reaction to the latest tornado warnings.   The warnings now say things like:

“You could be killed if not underground or in a tornado shelter.”

“Complete destruction of entire neighborhoods is likely.”

“Mass devastation is highly likely making the area unrecognizable to survivors.”

The news release quoted me saying something like this: “That’s terrifying. If they said that on TV, I would definitely take shelter,” said Meredith Hayden, Indianapolis, who admitted she doesn’t always head for the basement when she hears tornado warnings.

What I actually said in that last line was that I hardly ever go to the basement, because our basement is scary. I’m quite relieved they didn’t put that brilliant statement on air…

If you want to see the video clip, including some great facial expressions, you can watch it here.

Mom, I’m sure you’re so proud.


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