Ball Jars

Those of you who know Tony, may know how much he likes the Ball jar. It started innocently, when he just wanted to use them as drinking glasses. When he built the farmhouse table, it seemed like a good match, so we switched all of our glasses to Ball jars. Since then, we’ve learned of a few more uses for them, and with each one, we like them more and more. I dare you to read through this list and not become a fan…

Portable drinks. Since each jar comes with a leak proof lid, it’s great for taking drinks on the go… like taking sangria to Symphony on the Prairie.

Packing salads for lunch. Layer the dressing on the bottom, then the toppings, and the lettuce on top. When you flip it onto a plate, it comes out as a nicely dressed salad!

On a blender! This one is amazing. Ball jars fit on blenders, allowing you to blend right into the jar. Who knew!?!? We found the non-wide mouth jar fit on our blender. We started with blending coffee, and found the blender made great grounds for the french press.


It also works well for smoothies.

As you can tell, we’ve been having about as much fun as you can with a Ball jar (at least until canning season). But please, let us know if you have any great additions for the list!


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