Doxology: Weddings for Good

Tony & I got engaged last June, just 6 weeks after he traveled to South Africa with LSA and 4 weeks before I went to Uganda with a group from our church. For those of you who have recently planned weddings, you know how hard it can be to remain true to your character and not let things get out of control. However, traveling to Uganda just days after buying a wedding dress and booking the Rathskeller for our reception was a bit of a game changer.

We felt strongly that we wanted to celebrate our marriage with our friends and family who have loved us so well, but also wanted to keep in line with who we are as people who care about other people and global issues.

Pretty soon after returning from Uganda, we learned that two friends of ours, Tim & Megan King were expanding their photography business. For the past several years, they have been working together as a great team, and taking beautiful photos. Seriously, they’re some of the best wedding photographers I know. So when they told us about a plan they had to start Doxology, we were quite intrigued. Their vision for this venture is to employ several local photographers, offer wedding photography packages at a lower cost, and give some of the proceeds towards one of two causes that bring life and hope to those who need it most.  Then they offered for us to be their guinea pigs as they launch this new business. Really? Yes, please!

Having Doxology as our wedding photographers was great for us! They took amazing photos and in the process, supported Loving South Africa (LSA), who Tony & I have known, loved, and traveled to South Africa with. It could not be a better fit.

Since our November wedding, Tim & Megan have been working hard to finalize the details of their new business venture, which includes choosing the right local photographers and the organizations they support. They now have their website up and running! Check it out here. You’ll be sure to recognize some of the photos.


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