Weekend in Vermont

It’s been unseasonably warm here in Indiana this winter. Many people are loving the warmer weather, but Tony & I rather enjoy a bit of snow. So when we were throwing around ideas of when to visit our friends, Gabe & Amanda, for a long weekend in Vermont, February seemed like a great idea! Unfortunately, we learned right before we left that Vermont hadn’t gotten much snow this year, and what they had melted a week before our visit…..ah well, it’s probably all for the best. See, Gabe & Amanda live in Burlington, VT where they work with Lifelines ministry at UVM, taking students on small trips that include hiking, rafting, rock climbing, etc…

While this sounds so fun and adventurous, Tony & I are not accustomed to spend an afternoon cross-country skiing. I think our bodies wouldn’t move for the next 4 days. So, what did we find to do instead?

1. Bake bread.

Turns out it was so easy!

2. Make Cheddar Cheese!

Gabe has been learning how to make all sorts of foods, and recently moved on from bread making to cheese making, so one night, he showed us how to make a Vermont cheddar.

I had never made cheese before, and it was fascinating to watch Gabe start with raw milk, make cheese curds, build a cheese press, and end up with a solid block of cheese! (it’s currently in wax and will be finished aging around Christmas time…)

3. See Ice Skating Boats!

On Sunday, we found a part of Lake Champlain that was still frozen over. That day there were some sailboats that were out, sailing around on blades. 4. Play on a Frozen Lake!  

I had never been on a frozen lake, and it was fun to be on a big sheet of ice. Simply walking is hard enough, but soon the fun really began: throwing a frisbee, running and sliding around, and even a head stand competition.

Who thinks to do head stands on solid ice? These guys…

 The McGanns showed off by having great form.

So we felt that the Haydens should keep up….which is problematic, because I can’t remember the last time I did a head stand. Let alone on ice.

Team Hayden is still a work in process (we’ve only been married for 3 months, people!). Tony held his head stand so well while I needed some help getting my form….and just when I got it, he was a bit tired… but there’s grace since we’re on ice, right?


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