The Table

My family values things that will last. Most of the furniture I acquired in college and thereafter were items that were passed down from my parents, grandparents, or my great aunt Katie. Some of you know these items: the green lamp, the swan chair, the “Meredith sized” (aka small) kitchen table. When I think about getting new pieces of furniture, I think big, because hopefully I’ll hold onto that piece of furniture for quite sometime.

One thing I felt particularly strong about, was a dining room table. For years I have wanted a big dining room table. One that let us have several people over for dinner, with room for everyone. One that could handle nicks and scratches from children, and where I could raise a family (again, we’re thinking way into the future here). But a table of this size and weight is a big commitment, and one that I wasn’t really ready to make until I had a dining room big enough for it, and someone who would be able to carry the bulk of it…

So when we got married, Tony started talking with a friend of ours, Doug Collins, and planned out how to make a big farmhouse style table. For our wedding gifts, our parents paid for the wood for the table and the chairs (which we got from Then, after we returned from our honeymoon in Sonoma, Tony began working on our table. Using Doug’s wood shop and instruction, and with help staining and sealing from Steve Campbell, the table came out much better than we had originally imagined!

The table itself is made out of Ash. The frame is a farmhouse style, mostly just glued together, but with a few screws at some of the main joints. There are holes in the frame at each end to slide in an 8″ extension, which will allow us to seat up to 12 people (4 on each side, 2 on each end).

The top is simply 5 boards, glued together, but weighs about 200 lbs. It is not secured onto the frame, it just sits on top, which makes disassembling a breeze as long as you’ve had your Wheaties that morning…

There is a bench that is not yet assembled, that will run along one side. Also, the extensions are not yet done. However, it is a great table, and looks sure to last for many years.


2 thoughts on “The Table

  1. I remember one of our first conversations was about how you wanted to raise your kids at the dining table. So glad you have the table and partner for that!

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