Something new

I never thought I would be a blogger. I mean, that was something that people with intense opinions did, as sort of 2003’s version of talk radio, right? Well this isn’t that sort of blog, because we don’t have huge opinions about sports and politics. However, Tony & I have some great people and things in our lives, and that has given us an interesting viewpoint on just about everything else. So here I am, going through the steps of chronicling our life.

Why now? Well, if there’s anything that I’ve learned from my 98 days of marriage, it is that I have to start being more intentional about things. In some regard I think I need to say goodbye to my salsa-dancing 20’s and build into things that are more mutually beneficial. There’s now two of us walking down this road, and if we’re in line with one another, I find at times we travel at twice the speed. This is fun, and a bit frightening, so why not document it, right?!


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